20 dic. 2017




By Laura Hercha under  Licencia de Creative Commons

29 oct. 2017

- Kaposzta fej -

 . red cabagge . scanned . 

26 oct. 2017

Venus de Milo's guts


          Aphrodite of Milos whereabouts: 

                      -  Αφροδίτη της Μήλου -

26 abr. 2017

Sobre la concavidad de las cosas

On the convexity of things


Estratotipo I

21 abr. 2017

2 mar. 2017

La habitación de obgetos perdidos

en ella cabe 
un meteorito que transporta bacterias en el espacio,
la chica inclinada,
un espejo ventana,
la habitación de pensar
 y el dichoso colchón en voladizo.

bajo ella encontramos distintos estratos.
varios de ellos intangibles,
algunos fluidos.

a través de ella el tiempo.

la manera adecuada de hilvanar su historia: 
la sinfonía.

27 oct. 2016

Larga vida al hormigón romano

Restoration works to repair cracks in the Pantheon dome, 1925.

¿Cómo sería nuestro patrimonio arquitectónico si la estereotomía no hubiese reinado sobre el hormigón hasta el siglo pasado?

Hace poco tuve la suerte de escuchar a alguien hablar de su tesis en hielo armado.
Su éxito depende de lo que ocurra con la capa de ozono. Brillante. 
De estructuras al mundo de la política pasando por Marte.

What would be out architecural patrimony nowadays if stereotomy wouldn't have taken a stand over concrete until last century?

Not long ago, I was lucky to meet someone talking about his research on reinforced ice.
Things started popping up my mind.
I find it brilliant. Success is intrinsically linked to the fate of the hole on the ozone.  From structures to politics, stopping by in Mars.

21 sept. 2016

useful counterproductivity

27 abr. 2016

Room 402 Reina Sofía , february, Madrid

- The High Grass -

Pierre Alechinsky 

It was the very first time I felt like owning something.

26 mar. 2016

Claveles Verdes

De camino a la Luna me encontré un ramo de claveles verdes.

16 mar. 2016

Commuters Club

El hall a una ciudad de gente en pijama

Una ciudad de andar por casa

#cyclemehome        #veryveryprofessionalcyclingteam

8 mar. 2016

27 ene. 2016



28 dic. 2015


29 oct. 2015

Karmelitská ul. - Petőfi Sándor utca

Karmelitská ul.

Petőfi Sándor utca

26 oct. 2015


León Ferrari - The architecture of Madness

One of the representation techniques they won't teach at school anymore,

1 oct. 2015


Cycle Me Home, sinergia entre Máté y Levente.

Máté Pálla (1988) camarógrafo; cursó sus estudios en Royal Holloway, University of London. 
Levente Klára (1988) editor de cine, por la Universidad de Teatro y Arte Cinematográfico de Budapest + ECAM, Madrid. Ambos son amigos desde el instituto, donde empezaron a realizar cortos, trabajaron como VJs en clubs y festivales.
Cycle Me Home comienza en 2011, cuando Levi decidió volver a Budapest en bicicleta después de un semestre en Madrid y Máté se unió para documentar el viaje. El equipo continuó pedaleando y grabando, presentando nuevas perspectivas y distintos modos de narración en cada una de sus películas.
Este último trabajo muestra lo que cruzó su camino en Transylvania - región de Hungría en la que convivieron distintas etnias y que tras el replanteo de fronteras después de la WW1 pasa a formar parte de Rumanía - junto a Sergio Ávila, Flo, Go Jo y Milan .
La voz de Gyula Szersén - doblador de David Attenborough en húngaro - hilvana el viaje en el que nos sumergimos con la banda sonora por Andras Toth, composición en función de la edición del film. 
Y les vemos mirar, reir, pasar, y vemos paisajes, y no es hasta pasado un buen rato que descubrimos que se trata de una manada de ciclistas en su habitat natural, carreteras inexploradas. El ascenso de Transfagaras, los Montes Cárpatos en piñón fijo.
Transsylvania nos deja con el sabor de boca tras un brindis con palinka.

7 jul. 2015

I wonder what is going to happen with our external hard discks when we die

All the information selected and created among this plane, contained in few small electronic boxes

We should run to get the most secure cover, prevent any external condition from ruining their circuits
Erect special rooms to store them, use the security cameras in banks where money used to be

Are we planing to keep the memory sticks inside a book? I gave it a try, it won't close. Furthermore everyone will find it at the first glimpse, so no story
Who should give a shit about your selected readings for the ebook if they probably won't be able to read this information?

I find those objects-information funny,
and comfortable to move around carrying with all; it weights as much as the grapefruits you carry for next morning juice

We go on secretly living as a smart Diogenes,
I can only guess we all will reach a point where we stop caring about anything that is not inside our memory
If for any reason we stop managing it well, or we lose it, the shapes carved inside will remain
allowing us to keep on
So that's the only thing we should really take care of

We are not as contemporary as we pretend. We still like slightly dusty rooms, that's why this vintage revival ¿see the people wearing plastic white clothes and matching leggins walking around looking through their googleglasses?

Being modern is not breaking with everything and try to invent something from scratch but taking what is useful of the research done until this point and work forward 
That's why I write on the net instead of a notepad, from one plane to another through the computer
Stupid pride and envy of the stone

             what is relevant

20 jun. 2015

This is Major Tom to Ground Control

I have nothing left to say but from here you look in the most peculiar way

4 jun. 2015

cerebro (Del lat. cerebrum) : estructura alimentada de experiencias y químicos - en composiciones y proporciones variables - de cuya conjunción se obtiene un producto llamado realidad. Anima a la persona.

1 jun. 2015

el cerrar [del obturador al fotografiar una estancia de ventanas cerradas a pleno día, capturando la luz verde del interior], el abrir.

[lo que pasa entre tango] y [tango en esta grabación de Gardel]

1 may. 2015

They are troubled by swimming in the ocean,

afraid to step on the ground to get out of there.

When they manage,

 a wave cleans a broken light bulb with a kid's eye inside by their feets.

They were dreaming.

15 abr. 2015


People aim to live in society, crystallized as the city.

The flow of population from the village pursued safety inside its walls.
Throughout time, physical security, turned into the chance to make a living out of our profession and interact with new people.

Living in larger and more diverse settlements doesn't mean that its inhabitants share a sense of community. Actually it reaches a point where cohesion is impossible to get.
There are certain tasks to be done  by capable people - including food and sustainable energy production - in order to keep society running
They increase in number the larger the community gets .
But this growth shouldn't be translated into widespread ground predation around the core of the old city.

The right scale of a city is enclosed inside what the society which planned it expected. We just have to retain the urge of expanding and multiply by thinking more carefully
A proper analysis of the reality gives hints of the requirements. It can always be solved in an ecological way. We just have to make a step back ,and at the same time, apply the technology we have developed. Even if it goes against the interest of the few.

Planning has to be lead by necessity and sustainability, leaving speculation as the anecdote that deceased our previous society. An agreement between the number of citizens and their right to live in a good environment.

We should look back to some old cities bringing back the beauty of balance between order and diversity. Investing in culture and education  we could reach a point where we can lean on freedom of choice to make it happen.

People aim to own a home. Some moved to suburban areas due to lower prices of mortgage in the periphery. Others just keep moving, trying to find somewhere  genuine, without realizing that in order to reach that place , they have to stop and commit with a project

Because of promoter's interest and its lack on both planners and population, new residential areas are a landscape of roundabouts, where commuting is pointless without a car. Resulting in a consequent time-money consumption and air pollution.
Since maintenance cost of spread public services is higher than in a compact area, neither citizens or municipalities are really saving or making money out of suburban developments in the long term.

Instead of growing in height or sprawling "ad infinitum", we believe in conurbation of self sufficient cities - in which inhabitants can make it in walking and cycling distances, spending less than one hour per day commuting - linked all together by efficient, affordable and ecological means of transport. Leaving space for nature in between. Sharing the sense of belonging to a big regional city.
Re-habitation of already existing towns nearby which drink from rehabilitation and creation of new quality public spaces and instead of draining the energy from the old structures - now impossible to cope with the increased population -.

At the same time, by puttig down price of land in the center, municipalities will save money of suburbs facilities. Bringing back life to the center.
Saving 40% of the locals at the street level for small business, keeping big corporations where they belong, inside the shopping mall.
Allowing inhabitants to make their life inside walking or cycling distances will result in higher productivity for business, Making it easier to access customers, and  benefit from knowledge spill over that happen within.

There is internet. Big companies are moving their offices to countries where the cost of living remains low - and despite the lack of amenities can offer good weather, healthy food, smaller communities with narrower links -. We should learn and take the most from it.

Previous generations fought for a place to live and certain commodities; once the mortgage has been paid we heritage spaces to call home when we are in need.

Living in rented spaces has always been seen as a lack of stability. Certainly, mortgage attaches you to a place, but on the other hand when there is no job - so no income to afford it- it's almost impossible to move to look for a better luck somewhere else.

We could lose this fear instead - now that retirement plans are not something sure -, look for a chance to really save money for the future during our working life, and maybe move back to the place where you grew up when you feel you are done with it.

Far from an accurate answer, the right scale of a city is created by people which share the sense of belonging not to a city but to the region, as they feel at home in any of the communities within.
They all share the walking-cycling distance facility. There is repetition and variety. Not ruled by a strict normative but by necessity and common sense.

Facades of the average 6-8 stores buildings have balconies and shape a well defined urban space with sunlight. Unfamiliar houses will  continue the line of the street - as in London or the Netherlands - either with a fence, mid height bushes or any other solution that keeps the chance of eye contact between pedestrians.

This network could be spotted with odd high buildings for "another perspective" lovers, which together with public buildings would work as landmarks, always taking care of shaping quality urban space.

Larger trees will provide shadow on the streets - so we have to plan space for the roots -. Vegetable patch for self-consumption could take place on the courtyards of the blocks. Or pop up in any other convenient place as urban gardens.

The definition of city has nothing to do with hectares, whether if it's not paved or asphalted, width of the streets or the number of car lanes and avenues.
City means to be able to feel the vibes of other people  working inside business in the ground floor, open to the streets. Look in the eyes to some other random pedestrian, and run into someone familiar from time to time.

We could take a look at the scheme of Howard's Garden City and overlay already existing dwellings that could have a new renascence. One  will never look the same as the other.

To sum up: the right scale of a city is that one where you can commute to work spending max.1 hour per day, through an attractive public space, plus enjoy some outdoor nest in your house as a balcony or small backyard. Having the chance to meet nature within a 20 km ride. The main point of a city is to create appealing public spaces inviting to interaction in the search of inspiring new thoughts from other people.

There is no much difference between total surface of land occupied from nowadays cities  - it's all a matter of composition - but life would be more pleasant.

This is just my vision - today - over the always open forum about the city. 

There is much more yet to come.

3 mar. 2015

Superficie de piel expuesta de un cuerpo, en metros cuadrados.

Según Du Bois & Du Bois:

X= 0.202 * m^0.425 * h^0.725 

m= weight (kg)

h= height (meters)

Surface of exposed skin of a body, according to Du Bois & Du Bois.

21 oct. 2014

El colapso de la mesa
de estudio
Ahora mismo, encendería un cigarrillo y me quedaría tan a gusto.

Aprovecho la ocasión para preguntar qué fue del pan.

Hablo de un buen pan de los de antes. Fruto del madrugar de un maestro panadero. Sencillo. Ese que en los 90 aparecía colgado del pomo de la puerta envuelto en una bolsa de plástico y estaba permitido ir a buscar aún en pijama -al menos en mi barrio, o eso decía mi madre- .

Por su sabor simple y comportamiento al mordisco, me gusta el de Malabo. Cuando está recién hecho, de corteza muy fina y crujiente. Hay que hacer cola para no quedarse sin él.
A las ciudades llegan en masas en estado de coma dentro de cajas. Luego serán reutilizadas por los sin techo y los interesados en las curvas de nivel.
He llegado a verlos yacer hinchados en su redondez y miga sobre estanterías de supermercado, con un código de barras pegado directamente en la piel de su frente.
A nadie parece preocupar cómo aparece ante sí, ni que les pinchen un ojo al pagarlo. ¿Recuerdan cuándo/dónde lo probaron por última vez?

Hoy, ni pan ni tabaco ni vendimia.

Me invade el desasosiego al pensarlo.

Right now, I would smoke a cigarette and stand still.

By the way; I wonder about bread.

I'm talking about a proper bread. Product of the early start of a baker. Simple. Back in the 90's it used to pop up hanging from the doorknob wrapped in a plastic bag, and it was politically correct to go and pick it up wearing pyjama -at least in my neighbourhood, or that's what my mother told me-.
I like the one made in Malabo for it's easy flavour and behaviour against the bite. It's fresh, thin crust but crunchy. You wait in line because they might run out of it.
Bread arrives to the cities as a dough in state of coma inside boxes. Which then will be reused by homeless and the ones keen on contour lines.
I have seen them lying bloated in their roundness and center over supermarket shelves, with a barcode sticker on the skin of their forehead.
No-one seems to care how do they appear in front of them or that they put a needle in their eye when they pay it. Do you remember when/where did you taste one for the last time?

Today, no bread, no tobacco neither harvest.
A sense of unease when I think about it.

8 sept. 2014

up, down, strange, charm, bottom, top

Riding as improving the skill to be in focus
by bringing yourself from S to B.

Learn from the uncountable seen on the way,

your reactions.

I started a list of dead animals spotted on the road so I could honour them,
but it grew fast
and I rather stay in the mass of the alive

so we can meet in B, for example.

Pedalear como forma de perfeccionar mi capacidad de contención
transportandote de S a B.

Aprende de lo incontable visto en el camino,

de tus reacciones.

Empecé una lista mental de animales muertos encontrados en la carretera para homenajearlos,
pero aumentó rápido
y es mejor permanecer en la masa de los vivos

para poder encontrarnos en B, por ejemplo.

2 sept. 2014

El tradicional baile de parejas doblando sábanas y manteles

The ancient dance of couples folding clean linens and blanquets
The joy of the women walking around the house after a shower while touching her pubic hair, 
under the shettler of the night which filled the air outside and leaks its dark indoors
Certain kind of darkness would make any night turn into an earlymoringwithoutsleep film
Her shadow is everywhere the light can't reach
And for all of those of my virgins, a song I still don't understand but love.
Part of a movie I haven't seen yet.

El tradicional baile de parejas doblando sábanas y manteles
El deleite de la mujer que deambula por su casa después de una ducha mientras se acaria el bello pubico,
al cobijo de la noche que ha llenado el aire afuera y filtra oscuridad hacia el interior
Algunos tipos de negrura hacen que cualquier tarde se convierta en una peliculatraslaamanecida
Su sombra está en todas partes sin luz
Y para todas mis santas,una canción que áun no comprendo y me gusta.
 Parte de una pelicula que no he visto todavía.

21 ago. 2014

Sex is not penetration, sex is a reaction inside our brain

Now that it’s not windy I would like to talk about roberry, and explain how I learnt good manners.

I shut up the mouths in my fingertips .
There is no internet in our house in Madrid. Time either.

My conversations with the void became talks with other human, throught a wineglass.

Tempted by the ephemeral of words.
Sounds of points of view,  communicate and cease.

If by any chance someone comes waving a sheet of paper I could only stare back blankly.

 Perhaps one day your grandma sees the things that you capture
and shock,
or your future boss,
and never become so.

All who matter, already know or can expect anything from me.
I don't want to harm them.

Shots of information, little by little,
so they don't panic and start to think that I travel in a worm tunnel through transparent plasma.

I would love to touch the ground down my foot as a Buaki.
Not to mention my thing with the samurai-loincloth or the fact that I would love to be unwrapped out of a saree.
Boring underwear in summer,
bras with foam totally against the beauty of the breast and incompatible with the beat.

Sex is not penetration, sex is a reaction inside our brain.

And behind all of our brains, our brain.

It's 04:07 of the twenty-first of august of two-thousand and fourteen,

I wanted to place a picture of the bike trip with Julci and Szofi here, but I dropped the camera in Cannes and a mercedes ran over it. Only 13 left to finish that film.

Ahora que no hace viento quiero hablar de robar y alardear de como he aprendido a tener decoro.

Mantengo la boca de mis dedos cerrada, están ocupados. 

En nuestra casa en Madrid no hay internet. Ni tiempo. 
Y lo cierto es que mis conversaciones al vacío han dado paso a diálogos con otro humano, copa en mano.

Me seduce lo efímero de las palabras.

Sonidos de puntos de vista, comunican y cesan.

Si se diese el caso de que alguien llega blandiendo una hoja con mi escrito solo podría permanecer mirándole a los ojos.  

Puede que un día tu abuela vea lo que plasmas
y se escandalice, 
o tu futuro jefe
y no llegue a serlo nunca.

Todo aquel que me importa o sabe o espera cualquier cosa de mi

Yo, sobre todo, no quiero hacerles daño.

Curas de espanto, poco a poco,

para que no se asusten y crean que viajas en un agujero a traves del plasma transparente.
Me gustaría tocar el suelo con la planta de los pies como una Buaki.
Por no hablar de lo mio con el taparrabo a lo samurai ni de que quiero desenvolverme de un Sari.
La ropa interior me aburre en verano
los sujetadores de copa me parecen cada vez más antiestéticos e incompatibles con el beat.

Sexo no es penetración, el sexo es una reacción en nuestro cerebro.

Y detrás de todos nuestros cerebros, nuestro cerebro.

Son las 04:07 del veintiuno de agosto de dos mil catorce,

Quería poner aquí una foto del viaje en bici junto a Szofi y Julci, pero se me calló la cámara en Cannes y la atropelló un mercedes. A sólo 13 de finalizar el carrete.

19 ago. 2014

a latent Insomnio which puts colour in the air breathed out just to keep a track of it

condensed inside some lungs paints them in green

latente Insomnio que colorea el aire exhalado sólo para mantener un seguimiento del mismo

al condensarse dentro de algunos pulmones los vuelve verdes

26 feb. 2014

to scape from gravity 11km/second 
Can Time-Space be finitum if there is no border or limit?
I want an explanation.
Could also live without it.
What about geometry beeing just the relation we want to find between random points.
Is it the law that you are trying to find the relief from reaching an expected result?
The only thing I can tell about physics, geometry and reality is that there has to be a crowd wich ratify and agree to share it.
Fuck Mandalas
Mandalas are a process. Not a hidden pattern.
mandala minimo

11km/segundo para escapar de la gravedad

¿Puede el Espacio-Tiempo ser finito si no hay borde o limite?
Exijo una explicacion.
Y puedo vivir sin ella.
Geometria como relación que queremos ver entre dos puntos aleatorios.
¿Acaso la conclusion a la que intentas llegar es el sosiego por haber obtenido un resultado predecible?
Lo único que se de física, geometría y realidad es el hecho de que ha de existir una masa que los ratifique y comparta.
"Fuck" Mandalas
Mandala es el proceso. No unas proporciones ocultas.
mandala minimo