20 feb. 2013

Made in China / ORDOS

film by Charles Lanceplaine 

To move in a city where you don't have memories is exciting .The question is would anybody like to live in a city without background?

Ordo's roots are especullation. I wonder if they were deeper before this desert.

Some might see this emptyness as a white canvas. Most of them will use it to make a profit. Maybe any will enjoy the privilege of be the first one recording their life in this set. I find this big cloud of "brand new" smell disgusting.

Then i went back to the small towns in the middle of nowhere-countryside. It's inhabitants remain despite the fact there is nothing [ok,now we have to decide what are we looking for] but relationships,memories and sometimes snow. It seems people never realized that they can rethink the location of their life once they grow up. Or maybe they concluded that the place where you are born is the most likable.

So yes...recording the movie of the same city,simultaneously from two different points of view. She's got a +1.5 +2.0 correction. He needs glasses.

+pictures by Michael Christopher Brown

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