7 jul. 2015

I wonder what is going to happen with our external hard discks when we die

All the information selected and created among this plane, contained in few small electronic boxes

We should run to get the most secure cover, prevent any external condition from ruining their circuits
Erect special rooms to store them, use the security cameras in banks where money used to be

Are we planing to keep the memory sticks inside a book? I gave it a try, it won't close. Furthermore everyone will find it at the first glimpse, so no story
Who should give a shit about your selected readings for the ebook if they probably won't be able to read this information?

I find those objects-information funny,
and comfortable to move around carrying with all; it weights as much as the grapefruits you carry for next morning juice

We go on secretly living as a smart Diogenes,
I can only guess we all will reach a point where we stop caring about anything that is not inside our memory
If for any reason we stop managing it well, or we lose it, the shapes carved inside will remain
allowing us to keep on
So that's the only thing we should really take care of

We are not as contemporary as we pretend. We still like slightly dusty rooms, that's why this vintage revival ¿see the people wearing plastic white clothes and matching leggins walking around looking through their googleglasses?

Being modern is not breaking with everything and try to invent something from scratch but taking what is useful of the research done until this point and work forward 
That's why I write on the net instead of a notepad, from one plane to another through the computer
Stupid pride and envy of the stone

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